Voice recognition

Operative Voice Controlled App

Voice Recognition and Digital Dictation

Repairs operatives daily work is not easy and had many barriers that are increase by the use of old and non-finger-friendly PDAs and iphones.

The current PDAs are limited in functionalities and have very pour usability and accessibility. This leads to a slow customer journey and frustrate repairs operatives.

  • Devices small, difficult to read and use (big thumbs problem)
  • System complex; asked for too much unnecessary information and too many steps to close a job (time consuming)
  • Too much hands-on work: write details of the job, which is difficult to do in an un-friendly device.

The Solution: Operative Voice App

Allowing operatives to use speech control and digital dictation system to run their PDAs, reduces the time operatives spend in updating information into the system, so they can just focus on their work not trying to navigate one of their essential tools.

  • Increase productivity
  • Happier operatives
  • Better information and data

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