CS: City of London Corporation

City of London Corporation

Microsoft Dynamics 365 C

  • Reduction of errors
  • Improve efficiency of Marketing activities 
  • Reduced annual support and maintenance costs


The City of London Corporation runs a significant amount of events every year. For example, State dinners for visiting dignitaries and Heads of State as well as fundraising, arts and learning events.

OrangeMaple worked with the City of London to review its Customer Relationship IT strategy and implement new processes and technology to help meet its complex needs.

The Challenges

The Corporation had some unique challenges:
Heads of Government details are located on the system so it had to be secure with very limited access
Fundraising events and other business functions may have contained the same people but with different roles (e.g. Board Chairman or even a resident address within the square mile)
GDPR and data security were particularly important and the new GDPR legislation requirements were only known half way through the project

What we did

Undertook a Strategic Review

We worked with the City of London team to design a new strategy for corporate customer relationship management. This identified the size of savings from consolidation of systems but also the strategic opportunity.

Supported the procurement of new systems

Once the strategy was agreed, we supported the procurement and market testing to procure the new solutions and finally we were worked with the service teams and the IT department to implement the MS Dynamics 365 CRM solution.

Focused on User Needs

Particularly important was the way in which events are run, table plans and how people are communicated with. We needed formal table plans and formal invites for some events but only email reminders for others.

Implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Our team of highly experienced developers worked with the Corporation to implement a secure and customer friendly solution.


-The corporation is more efficient in running marketing activities for events and running the event itself.

-Reducing errors and decreasing complaints.

-The corporation has consolidated the IT estate and reduced annual support and maintenance costs but also improved the efficiency of delivering marketing events activities.